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Linux Administrator

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We at Golive classes provide world-class Linux Administrator course Online Training.

We Offer Best Linux Online Training with Certified Experts. Become Master in Linux Concepts like GNU Tools, Utilities, Linux Kernels, Linux Distributions, Installation Options, Server Install, Kickstart Install, Network Install, Automating Programs, Login Options, Building a Custom Linux Kernel, Key Filesystem Locations and advanced Linux Concepts with our Practical Classes. We guarantee for your Linux Online Training Success with Certification. We focused on 100% Practical and Certification Oriented Linux Online Course with Placements for our Students. Most Of Our Trainers are currently working as Linux Admin with 10+ Years of industry Experienced. Our Linux Online Course Syllabus will help you to know basic to advanced level techniques in Linux Environment. Enroll in Linux Online Course with Gangboard and get extensive knowledge on the Linux OS Admin role. Learn how to use Linux from beginner level to advanced techniques that are taught by experienced working professionals. With Our Linux Training, you Can Clear RHCE Certification.

What is this course about?

Linux is not UNIX. Earlier stage Windows was a well known and stable operating system for all the industry. After 2006 the entire domain that means (Banking, Insurance, Government, Railway, Manufacture, Healthcare industry) are Using Linux Servers. The main reason behind started to use Linux server as production server especially Firewall, mail, web, Application, Database, proxy, DNS, and FTP server.

Linux is one of the most demanded and most used computer operating systems in today’s IT world. Linux online training course can help a job seeker enhance his/her knowledge and pay-out scale. Linux Online training offers you the core understanding of various major Linux concepts that provide working on real-time projects and helps develop skills and upgrade your knowledge.

  • Become a Linux Administrator.
  • You will be able to add Linux Admin concepts to your CV
  • Become a Linux Technical specialist.
  • Support & provide a solution for clients.
  • Learn to implement.
  • You’ll learn how to do administration.
  • Prototype your ideas with interactions.
  • All the techniques used by Linux Administrator
What are the training Objectives of Linux Administrator online training?
  • Work on shell scripts and Kerberos
  • Perform routine file management, electronic mail, file editing, and command piping in Linux
  • Customize, filter the file permissions.
  • Configuring SMB Service, SMTP service, and Virtualization
Why should you learn the Linux Administrator course?

Linux professionals can be seen in the top IT companies withdrawing higher salaries nowadays. One who opts for the Linux certification online training can find themselves in one of the top IT companies as well. IT professionals understand the value of Linux as this can help an organization reduce IT costs while increasing its marketability. Also, a certified Linux professional is always considered as a priority for the IT companies when it comes to shortlisting a candidate’s profile for the job.

  • There are huge openings for certified Linux developers and administrators across industries worldwide.
  • The average annual salary for a Linux certified professional is around $80000 USD.
Who should learn in this Linux Administrator training?
  • Linux system administrators.
  • Professionals.
  • Freshers.
  • Aspirants are willing to build their career in the development field.
What are the prerequisites to learn this course?

Linux online training certification program can be of much help even if you have little knowledge about it. There are no prerequisites for Linux certification online training, as long as your training certificate is valid, However, once the validity of your certification is near to expiry which is around 5 years, and you opt for another training program, in that case, an active certificate would be a prerequisite.

What are the advantages of Linux Administration?
  • Open Source. One of the main advantages of Linux is that it is an open-source operating system i.e. its source code is easily available for everyone
  • Security.
  • Revive older computer systems.
  • Software Updates.
  • Customization.
  • Various Distributions.
  • Free to use (Low Cost).
  • Large Community Support.
Why GoliveClasess?

1.We provide training along with Real-time concepts with case studies
2.Project Explanation
3.Interview Questions
4.Resume preparation
5.Technical Assistance even after Course Completion
6.Career Guidance
7.life time video recordings Acess
8.The assistance provides in consulting and placement
9.Free other courses will be provided free of cost.

Course Curriculum:

Introduction to UNIX & LINUX

  • History of UNIX and LINUX
  • Basic concepts of Operating System, Kernel, Shell & File System structure
  • Basic concepts of Linux
  • Differences between CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora, Ubuntu
  • Basic commands of Linux –vi
  • Advanced Linux Commands
Installation of Linux
  • Interactive Installation
  • Network-Based Installation (kick start)
Introduction to Graphical Environment – GNU
  • Use and customize the GNOME & KDE interface
  • Perform command tasks using the GNOME GUI
  • Launch applications from command line & GNOME interface
  • Customize X Window System
Software Package Administration & Yum configuration
  • Installing and deleting software packages rpm & yum
  • Querying and updating software packages .exe, .rpm
User and Group Administration
  • Creating and deleting users from the systems
  • Modifying users profile
  • Creating and deleting groups
  • Important system files related to user administration
Advanced File Permissions
  • Assigning advanced files permissions i.e. chmod, chown, chgrp & Sticky bit
  • Creating, modifying, and deleting ACL’s
Disk Partitioning and Mounting File System
  • Using fdisk, disk druid utilities for disk partitioning
  • Using mkfs, commands to create file systems
  • Mounting various file systems
  • Automounting of file system
Disk Quotas
  • Enabling Quotas on partitions
  • Creating Quotas for users
  • Auditing Quotas limit
Backup and Recovery
  • Introduction to various types of backup media
  • Backup and restoring using tar and cpio commands,dd,gunzip,bunzip,zip,scp,rsync

RAID (Redundant Array of In Expensive Disks) & Logical Volume Manager(LVM)

  • Implementing RAID on Linux
  • RAID levels (0, 1 and 5) configuration using RAID tools
  • Resizing the Partition using LVM
Web-based Administration
  • Installing Webmin on Linux : 10000
  • Administrating Linux machine remotely
  • Using Webmin as a tool for configuring various services on Linux
Introduction of Linux Networking
Network File System (NFS)
  • Configuring NFS server
  • Mounting NFS exports on NFS clients

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

  • Configuring Linux as DHCP Server
  • Configuring various clients for DHCP Server (Windows & Linux)
Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Configuration of DNS server
  • Configuration of primary DNS server
  • Configuration of forward lookup zone
  • Configuration of reverse lookup zone
  • Testing tool of DNS zones
  • Adding services in DNS
Mail Server (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)
  • Basics of Mail Servers
  • Configuring SMTP service using Postfix
  • Configuring POP3 / IMAP service on Linux
Web Server (Apache HTTP)
  • Basics of Web Service
  • Introduction to Apache
  • Configuring Apache for the main site
  • Configuring Apache for multiple sites using IP-based, port-based and name-based virtual hosting
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • Basics of File Transfer Protocol
  • Configuring vsftpd for anonymous ftp service
Samba Service
  • Basics of file sharing in Windows
  • Configuring Samba service for file sharing with windows systems
RHEL 8 New Features
Boot Process
  • Booting Sequence
  • Kernel Initialization
  • INIT Process
  • How To Use ‘Sudo’ And ‘Su’ Commands In Linux

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