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Updated August 10, 2023

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Do you want to Master Mendix Training platform? Train with Leading Mendix training provider, Golive Classes. We provide the best Mendix training in Hyderabad and all over India.

Become an Certified Mendix Developer with Golive Classes. We at Golive Classes provide the world class training in Mendix Development. The Mendix training is designed to ensure that you learn & master the concepts of it and pass the certification exam in first attempt. Our training will help you improve the mobile and web applications using Mendix platform. Get your hands dirty with mendix. The practical hands-on learning approach followed in the course will ensure you get job-ready by the end of it.

Mendix online training

Golive Classes, provides you with a specialized mendix online training from beginner to advanced level. We have experienced development experts who will guide and help you understand concepts of this platform. In addition, our team offers customized Mendix Online training curriculum to meet the standards of the current industry.

What is Mendix?

Build Apps faster with Mendix. Mendix is the quickest and least demanding stage to assemble and constantly improve Mobile furthermore, Web applications that empower advancement at web scale. It is the alone application stage that gives a thorough, incorporated arrangement of apparatuses for the whole application lifecycle, from ideation and improvement through sending and activity. Mendix Documentation is an open source and is related to Mendix Community. Here we can give suggestions for the development of the Mendix Community.

What is Mendix Platform?

Mendix platform is an forum where you get to interact with Mendix Community and ask any queries related to Mendix. This  forum also leads to the development of Mendix platform. Mendix Platform has three components.

  • Developer Portal: The Developer Portal plays a major role in the development of organization. Developer Portal is connection among a group of APIs, SDKs and interactive digital tools.
  • Mendix Studio Pro: Mendix Studio Pro helps the developers create and develop robust, complex, mission-critical enterprise applications.
  • Mendix Studio: Using the Mendix Studio, Business Analysts and Developers create and develop the app.

Why to use Mendix for Development?

Some of the important benefits and uses of Mendix are as follows.

  • We can access data at any time and there is also a high security for apps and data using Mendix.
  • From Configuration to resources to applications, Mendix handles it all.
  • Software can be deployed with one click. The main advantage is that we can either use its cloud or an already existing cloud.
  • Users can have a great mobile experience due to multiple channels and multiple devices. The interfaces are also designed very attractively using visual app development.

Become a Certified Developer using Mendix

  • Design Build and Develop Mobile Applications.
  • Design Build and Develop Web Applications.
  • Improve web scale advancements.
  • Master application life cycle management.

Here’s why one should opt a career in Mendix Platform:

  • Certified Mendix Developer is one among the fastest-growing and on-demand technologies.
  • There isn’t a better time to start learning this technology if you are among the aspired ones.
  • A Mendix Developer earns $99,000 per year on an average.

Who is the target audience for this training?

  • For absolute Beginners.
  • Desktop Application Developers
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Software Developers and similar profiles
  • Programmers.

What are the prerequisites for this mendix online training?

  • Basic concepts of programming.
  • Basic knowledge on Java

Why choose Golive Classes?

Golive classes we provide:

  • Real-time concepts with case studies
  • Project Explanation
  • Interview Questions
  • Resume preparation
  • Technical Assistance even after Course Completion
  • Career Guidance
  • Life time access to video recordings.
  • The assistance provides in consulting and placement
  • Free other courses will be provided free of cost.

Mendix Training Courses Curriculum

  • Mendix – Introduction 
    • What is Mendix
    • How a Normal Web Application operates
    • Set Up your Profile with your corporate account
    • The Academy Interface tutorials for Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced
    • Certifications Rapid/Intermediate/Advanced/Expert
    • LTS/MTS versions
    • Mendix Architecture
    • Application Life-Cycle Management

    Mendix Versioning

    • LTS/MTS versions

    Mendix Development Process

    • Mendix Development IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
    • Mendix Platform -Studio(online)/Studio-Pro (IDE) Marketplace
    • Project Creation through Studio and Studio Pro

    Mendix Version Control Server (Repository)

    • Team Server Repository (SVN, GIT)
    • Invite Members to your project
    • Create/Manage/Merge Branch Lines
    • Check out the code from Version Control Server
    • Up Grading the Project to a newer version within the Main MTS/LTS version

    Collaborating with your team

    • Collaborating with your Team
    • Developer Roles creation
    • Create a Wireframe & Addition of User Stories/Sprint
    • Creation of Tasks –> Assign Task to Team Meber, Status change of the Task

    Building Pages

    • Creation of Layouts
    • Creation of Default Home Pages/Role Based Home Pages
    • Add Columns/Buttons/Additional Pages
    • Add Navigation Profile

    The Domain Model

    • Creation of Entities
    • Define Attribute Types (Enum, Integer, String etc…)
    • Define Inheritance in Mendix
    • Define Associations
    • Create Overview Pages (Add/Edit/Delete)
    • Dropdown/Reference Selectors/Referense Set Selectors
    • Stored vs Calculated Attributes

    Application Security

    • Setup Application Security (Three Types Off/Prototype/Production)
    • Create User Roles
    • Create Module Roles
    • Setup Page and Microflow Access
    • Setup Entity Access

    Data Validation & Consistency

    • Importance of Having Valid & Consistent Data
    • Define Validation Rules & its Types
    • Delete/Cascading Delete

    Custom Logic Generation

    • Understand the need of Microflows/Nano Flows
    • Configure the Microflow/Nanoflow
    • Activities of Microflows/Nanoflows
    • Difference between Microflows/Nanoflows

    Mendix Query Language’s

    • Mendix X-Path
    • OQL

    Mendix Required Modules

    • Community Commons
    • Nano Flow Commons
    • Email – Template
    • Excel Importer & Exporter
    • Deep-Link
    • Mx-Reflection
    • Encryption
    • Data Widgets
    • Mendix SSO/SAML 2.0
    • Workflow Commons

    Mendix Advanced Concepts

    • X-Path & its operations
    • Mendix Workflow Knowledge & Provide use cases
    • Data-Grid 2 Latest Version features and its explanation
    • How to import and Export Data using Excel Importer/Exporter modules
    • How to send an email using Email Template Module
    • Creation of Java Actions
    • Error Handling/Integration
    • Upgrade Process with in Mendix Versions
    • Use of Mendix Market Place & Its Modules
    • Creation of Layouts for Pages covers Menu creation
    • Mendix Integration with other projects using web/Rest Services
    • Mendix Log Management

    Going Mobile

    • Create a for Phone web Offline Navigation Profile
    • Configure Mobile Specific Page





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