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Salesforce Developer

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We at Golive classes provide world-class Salesforce Developer course Online Training.

Salesforce Developer Certification Online Training is aimed at providing you with the complete Salesforce Developer Online Training required to enter the professional arena. This training will provide you with enough exposure and help you learn the basics of Salesforce to completing a Hands-on Training on Salesforce. With Real-time Training, students can reach the next level of their career.

What is this course about?

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company whose main product is a customer relationship management (CRM) system. A Salesforce developer specializes in using the Lightning and Apex programming languages to design and implement solutions within the context of the Salesforce platform.

  • Become a Salesforce developer.
  • You will be able to add SalesForce concepts to your CV
  • Become a SalesForce Technical developer.
  • Support & provide a solution for clients.
  • Learn to implement.
  • You’ll learn how to do development.
  • Prototype your ideas with interactions.
  • All the techniques used by the SalesForce developer.
What are the training Objectives of SalesForce online training?
  • You will get an overview of Salesforce Architecture and its key features.
  • You will gain knowledge on the implementation of cloud computing services.
  • You will be able to build and configure the applications using apex and visual force.
  • You will understand the concepts of Salesforce CRM Data validation, Salesforce accounts, and Salesforce platform application builder.
Why should you learn the SalesForce course?
  • Top multinational companies such as Amazon Web Services, Accenture, etc. are using Salesforce.
  • Demand for Salesforce is increasing day by day, and it has numerous job opportunities around the world.
  • Many top companies are recruiting salesforce developers
  • Salesforce Developers are getting high salaries compared to professionals working on other technologies.
  • The average Salesforce Developer salary is  $136,500 USD per year.
Who should learn in this SalesForce training?
  • Aspirants who want to start their career in Salesforce technology.
  • Application developers
  • Cloud developers
  • Software developers
  • Data managers
  • System administrators
  • Professionals who want to update their skill-set with advanced technologies.
How will this SalesForce Admin training help your career?

This certificate gained through our Salesforce Developer online course will help you to get better job opportunities and embark on a better career path. This course will act as a pathway for a bright future and career. Hence students can take up this course without any hesitation.

Are there any prerequisites for this Salesforce Admin Training?

There are no specific prerequisites to learn Salesforce Developer course. Anyone who is interested in learning Salesforce Developer course can join this training.

Why GoliveClasess?

1.We provide training along with Real-time concepts with case studies
2.Project Explanation
3.Interview Questions
4.Resume preparation
5.Technical Assistance even after Course Completion
6.Career Guidance
7.life time video recordings Acess
8.The assistance provides in consulting and placement

9.Free other courses will be provided free of cost.

Course Curriculum:

Before starting Salesforce Development:

  • Before Starting Salesforce Development
  • Enable Development Mode
  • MVC Architecture
  • Developer Console Usage
  • Query Editor Usage
  • Execute Anonymous Window
  • Create Class Using Developer Console
  • Create Visualforce Using Developer Console
  • Test and Debug Using Developer Console

Ways of Creating a Visualforce Page:

  • Create VF Using URL
  • Create VF Using Developer Console
  • Create VF Using Standard Navigation

Working with Visualforce Framework:

  • Purpose of Visualforce
  • Visualforce Concepts
  • Visualforce Components
  • Comparison with HTML
  • Standard Controllers
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Controller Extensions
  • Custom Controller
  • Hide and Show in Visualforce page
  • Error message in Visualforce page
  • Try Catch block
  • Usage of CSS in Visualforce page
  • Usage of Javascript in Visualforce page

Working with Apex:

  • Introduction to Apex
  • Benefit and feature of Apex
  • Apex Programming and fundamentals
  • Classes and Interfaces
  • Running Apex
  • Invoking Apex
  • Apex Control flow statements
  • Collections (List, Set and Map)
  • Client validations
  • Batch Apex

Working with Apex and Data:

  • Force.com in Query language
  • Understanding SOQL and SOSL queries
  • Dynamic SOQL and SOSL
  • Bulk Data Operations with Apex

DML operations:

  • Database DML Operations
  • Insert Statement
  • Update Statements
  • Upsert Statement
  • Delete Statements
  • Undelete Statements
  • Rollback operations

APEX Triggers:

  • Overview Of Triggers
  • Trigger Events
  • Before Triggers
  • After Triggers
  • Insert Triggers
  • Update Triggers
  • Delete Triggers
  • Trigger.New
  • Trigger.Old
  • Trigger.NewMap
  • Trigger.OldMap
  • Real-time Scenarios on Each Topic

Test Classes:

  • Overview on Test classes
  • StartTest and StopTest
  • Test Class on Apex class
  • Test Class on Batch APEX
  • Test Class On Schedule Apex
  • Test Class on Triggers

Lightning Experience:

  • Introduction to Lightning Experience
  • Lightning Component Framework
  • Introduction to aura framework
  • Enabling of Lightning Experience for your organization
  • Lightning component bundle resources
  • Lightning Application
  • Lightning Component
  • Lightning Events

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