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Updated April 14, 2024

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Sales Marketing Cloud In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential to remain competitive. One of the most powerful tools that can help you achieve this is Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This comprehensive platform offers a multitude of benefits that can transform your marketing strategies and give you a significant edge in the market. In this article, we’ll explore seven key reasons why investing your time in learning and utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a wise decision.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training

In an era where effective marketing requires a blend of creativity and technology, Salesforce Marketing Cloud emerges as a game-changing tool. Its ability to personalize engagement, manage multi-channel campaigns, and provide data-driven insights can significantly boost your marketing efforts. By dedicating time to learning this platform, you equip yourself with skills that can make a lasting impact on your career and your brand’s success.

Core Technologies in SFMC

SFMC comprises several core technologies, each serving a specific function in the marketing ecosystem. These include Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Journey Builder, Interaction Studio, Advertising Studio, and Data Studio. Understanding these technologies is crucial for leveraging SFMC’s full potential.

Technical Skills Required for SFMC

To excel in SFMC, professionals need a combination of technical and marketing skills. Proficiency in HTML and CSS is essential for creating visually appealing email campaigns, while knowledge of SQL and relational databases enables effective data management. Additionally, experience with marketing automation tools is beneficial for automating marketing workflows.

Career Opportunities in SFMC

Professionals with SFMC skills are in high demand across industries, with ample career opportunities available. As businesses increasingly rely on data-driven marketing strategies, the demand for SFMC professionals continues to grow. Competitive salaries and diverse job roles make SFMC an attractive career path for marketing professionals.

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Salesforce Marketing cloud

Salesforce Marketing cloud

salesforce marketing cloud Training Course Content

Module 1: Data

  • Data Overview
  • Lists: What is a Subscriber?
  • Lists: How to Create Attributes
  • Lists: How to Create a List
  • Lists: How to Add Subscribers to a List
  • Lists: What are the Profile and Subscription Centers?
  • Data Extensions: What is a Data Extension?
  • Data Extensions: What are Sendable Data Extensions and
    Non-Sendable Data Extensions?
  • Data Extensions: How to Create a Data Extension
  • Data Extensions: How to Import Data into a Data Extension
  • Contact Builder Overview

Module 2: Content

  • Content Builder Overview
  • Uploading Assets into Content Builder
  • Content Blocks: How to Create Static Content Blocks
  • Content Blocks: How to Create Individualized Content Blocks
    Using Personalization Strings, Dynamic Content, and
  • Content Blocks: How to Add Links to Content
  • Templates: What a Template is and the Various Ways to
    Create One
  • Templates: How to Create a Template with Locked Content
  • Template: How to Specify Specific Content to be Placed in a
    Content Area in a Template
  • Email: How to Create an Email from a Template
  • Email: How to Add Multiple Content Blocks to a Single Content
  • Email: How to Add a Button Content Block

Module 3: Testing

  • Content Detective
  • Validation
  • Preview
  • Test Send
  • Approvals

Module 4: Sending

  • Send Flow
  • User-Initiated Email
  • A/B Testing
  • Bounce Mail Management
  • Global, Master, and List-Level Unsubscribes

Module 5: Analyze Your Results

  • Tracking Data
  • Standard Reports
  • Automating Reports

Module 6: Segmentation

  • Drag-and-Drop Segmentation
  • How to Create Random and Filtered Segments
  • How to Create Segments Using Measures
  • Refreshing Data
  • Query Activity
  • Audience Builder Overview

Module 7: Automation

  • Data Activities: Data Extract
  • Data Activities: Import
  • Data Activities: File Transfer
  • Refresh Activities: Filter Activity; Query Activity
  • Email Automation: Overview of Email Automation Tools
  • Email Automation: Welcome Series using Journey Builder
  • Email Automation: Triggered Email
  • Email Automation: Welcome Series Using Automation Studio

Module 8: Customer Journeys

  • Describe why customer journeys are important
  • Define the customer journey
  • Identify how to create 1:1 customer journeys

Module 9: Marketing Cloud

  • Define the Marketing Cloud
  • Log in to the Marketing Cloud

Module 10: Contact Builder

  • Define Contact Builder
  • Describe and use the various tools in Contact Builder
  • Reiterate the concepts of Subscriber Key, Primary Key, and
    Contact Key

Module 11: Journey Builder

  • Define Journey Builder
  • Define an Interaction
  • Build an Interaction
  • Build an Interaction
  • Create an Entry Event
  • Utilize various Journey Builder activities

Module 12: Monitoring and Optimizing

  • Set a goal
  • Test the Interaction
  • Review metrics
  • Create a new version of an Interaction

Module 13: AMP scripts

  • Functions and Overview on AMPscripts
  • AMPscripts Used Cases


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