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Unqork Training

Unqork is a revolutionary no-code platform designed to streamline application development, eliminating the need for traditional coding. It empowers businesses to quickly build, deploy, and manage sophisticated applications using a visual interface and pre-built components. Unqork enhances productivity by reducing development time and costs while ensuring robust, scalable, and secure solutions. Ideal for industries like finance, healthcare, and insurance, Unqork offers enterprise-grade security and compliance. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface democratizes development, allowing both business users and IT professionals to collaborate seamlessly. Transform your business operations with Unqork’s innovative no-code platform.

Overview of Unqork Training

The objective of Unqork Training is to equip individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills to effectively use the Unqork platform for no-code application development. This training aims to enable users to build, deploy, and manage complex applications without traditional coding. It focuses on teaching the platform’s visual interface, pre-built components, and best practices for creating scalable and secure applications. By the end of the training, participants will be proficient in leveraging Unqork’s features to streamline development processes, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market, ultimately driving innovation and efficiency in their organizations.

Unqork Training is designed for a diverse range of individuals and teams, making it accessible to anyone interested in no-code application development. Business analysts and process owners can benefit by learning how to translate their requirements into functional applications without needing programming skills. IT professionals and developers can use Unqork to accelerate development cycles and enhance collaboration across teams. Additionally, project managers and solution architects will find value in understanding how to streamline workflows and manage application lifecycles efficiently. The training is also suitable for decision-makers in finance, healthcare, insurance, and other industries who aim to innovate and reduce costs by adopting no-code solutions. Even those with minimal technical background can learn to build robust, scalable, and secure applications using Unqork’s intuitive visual interface and pre-built components. Overall, Unqork Training empowers a wide audience to harness the power of no-code development, driving productivity and operational excellence.

To learn the Unqork course, there are a few key prerequisites. While no prior coding experience is necessary, having a basic understanding of software development principles and business processes can be beneficial. Familiarity with visual design tools and an aptitude for logical thinking will help learners grasp the platform’s no-code interface more easily. Additionally, an interest in technology and innovation, along with a willingness to explore and experiment with new tools, is important. Participants should also have access to a computer and a stable internet connection to fully engage with the course materials and practical exercises.

The job opportunities in Unqork are diverse, catering to a wide range of skill sets and interests. As a no-code application development platform, Unqork offers roles that blend technical expertise with business acumen. Unqork Developers are responsible for designing, building, and deploying applications without traditional coding, ensuring they meet business requirements. Business Analysts use the platform to translate business needs into functional applications, collaborating with stakeholders to define features and workflows. Solution Architects leverage Unqork to design scalable, efficient application architectures, while Project Managers oversee Unqork projects, coordinating resources and timelines to ensure successful completion. Quality Assurance Specialists test applications to guarantee they are bug-free and meet quality standards, and Unqork Trainers educate teams on using the platform effectively. Additionally, Technical Support Specialists provide ongoing support and troubleshooting for Unqork applications. With the growing demand for no-code solutions, expertise in Unqork can lead to rewarding career opportunities across various industries, including finance, healthcare, and insurance.

Key Features

Unquork Training Course curriculum

Course Content for Unqork Training:


1.  Unqork Introduction


  • Overview
  • Login Process – Academy
  • Training Environment access
  • Understanding of Workspaces and Navigation on Environment
  • Over view of Modules- Create Nav. Preview submission copy. paste and delete and move.
  • module Administration
Primary Fields
  • Introduction to Primary fields
  • Property Id’s.
  • Components in Primary Fields –>Text Field Text, Text Area. Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Number Field.
Secondary Fields
  • Components in Secondary Fields -> Protected Fields, Email Components, Phone Number component, intel phone number comp, address comp, signature comp, Hidden Comp
Triggering With Buttons
  • Introduction to Buttons
  • Triggering components with buttons
  • Navigation using buttons
  • Triggering single and Multiple Components with btn
Work Flow
  • Introduction to Work Flow
  • Swim lanes
  • Nodes : Start, Screen /Task, End Node
  • Message Components
Data Types
  • Introduction to Data Types
Data and Event Processing
  • Decision Component
  • Calculator Component, Calculator Formulas, File Component and File Storage, Browser Storage
  • Data Table
  • Initializer
Data Collection
  • Introduction to Data Collection
Data Workflow
  • I /p and O /p Operators
  • Other Operators -> Console, Create Table, Create Value, Group input…etc.
  • Manipulating data Using Operators: col2array, array2col, sort etc…
  • Getting Data using Operators: get, pick, filter, unique
  • Create, add, update data structure using: set ,create field operators
·         Aggregate Data using operators: Sum, Append, size, formula operators
  • Introduction to API
  • API Authentications
  • Internal API
  • External API Integration
Display & Layout
  • Introduction to Display and Layouts
  • Components in Display & Layouts: Panels, Navigation comp, column comp
  •  Introduction to Dashboards.
  • View Grid Component -> Used Create Dashboards
  • Create a Dashboard with Module Submission
  • Create a Module with Workflow Submission
  • Create View/Edit button to edit the Submission
  • Create Delete button to delete the submission
Additional Layout Components
  • HTML Elements.
  • Content Component
  • Data Grid
  • Table
  • Advanced Data Grid
Graphs & Charts
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Maps
  • KPI
Data Transform
  • Create reports Using data Transforms
  • Create Custom Emails using data transforms and external Service
Remote Execution
  • Dashboard Security – Remote Execution
  • API Module Security.
Best Practices in API Module
  • API Specification Snippets
Role Based Accesses Control
  • Introduction to the role based access control on different levels
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