AWS cloud Practitioner

Leading AWS cloud Practitioner provider online training provider, Golive Classes. We provide the best AWS cloud Practitioner provider online training in Hyderabad and all over India. Book your Demo today.

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Updated July 21, 2023

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Train with Leading AWS cloud Practitioner training provider, Golive Classes. We provide the best AWS cloud Practitioner training in Hyderabad and all over India.

As technology continues to advance, cloud computing has become an essential component of modern businesses. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading provider of cloud services, and the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is an excellent starting point for individuals looking to enter the world of cloud computing. In this article, we will explore the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification, its significance, and the benefits it offers.

AWS cloud Practitioner

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification validates individuals’ knowledge and understanding of AWS cloud services and how to leverage them to build scalable and secure solutions. This entry-level certification is designed for professionals who are new to AWS and want to gain foundational knowledge of its core services and concepts. The certification exam tests candidates’ understanding of cloud computing, AWS architectural principles, security, pricing, and billing, among other topics.

Aws cloud practitioner training Course Content

    1. What is cloud computing
    2. IAM- Identity and Access Management
    3. EC2- Elastic Cloud Cloud
    4. EC2 Instance storage
    5. ELB & ASG- Elastic Load Balancing & Auto scaling Groups
    6. Amazon S3
    7. Databases & Analytics
    8. Other Compute Service: ECS, Lambda, Batch, Lightsail
    9. Deployments & Managing Infrastructure at scale
    10. Leveraging the AWS Global Infrastructure
    11. Cloud Integrations
    12. Cloud Monitoring
    13. VPC & Networking
    14. Security & Compliance
    15. Machine Learning
    16. Account Management, Billing & Support
    17. Advanced Identity
    18. Other Services
    19. AWS Architecting & Ecosystem



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AWS cloud Practitioner
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