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Updated April 19, 2024

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, efficient management of the supply chain is paramount for any organization’s success. SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) emerges as a crucial tool in streamlining warehouse operations, optimizing inventory management, and enhancing overall supply chain efficiency.

SAP EWM Training


Importance of Learning SAP EWM

Advantages in Career Growth

Mastering SAP EWM opens doors to lucrative career opportunities in supply chain management and logistics. As businesses increasingly adopt SAP solutions, professionals proficient in EWM are in high demand across various industries.

Growing Demand in the Industry

The rising complexity of supply chain networks and the need for real-time visibility and control have fueled the demand for SAP EWM specialists. Companies seek skilled professionals capable of implementing and optimizing EWM systems to drive operational excellence.

Certification Options

Upon completing the training, individuals can pursue certification exams offered by SAP to validate their expertise in EWM. Achieving SAP certification enhances credibility and significantly boosts career prospects in the competitive job market.

SAP EWM Training

SAP EWM Training

Salary Packages and Opportunities

Average Salary Insights

Professionals certified in SAP EWM command impressive salary packages, reflecting the high demand for their specialized skills. Salaries vary based on factors such as experience, location, and industry, with certified EWM consultants often earning above-average compensation.

Job Opportunities

The skill set acquired through SAP EWM training opens doors to diverse job roles, including EWM consultant, warehouse manager, supply chain analyst, and logistics coordinator. Organizations across industries such as retail, manufacturing, and logistics actively seek professionals proficient in SAP EWM to optimize their warehouse operations.

Basic Requirements for Learning SAP EWM

Prerequisite Skills

While prior experience in supply chain management or logistics is beneficial, individuals from diverse backgrounds can pursue SAP EWM training with a willingness to learn. Basic understanding of warehouse operations and familiarity with SAP ERP concepts are advantageous but not mandatory.

Technical Requirements

To enroll in SAP EWM online courses, learners need access to a computer with a stable internet connection. Additionally, familiarity with SAP systems and software is recommended to facilitate the learning process and hands-on exercises.

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SAP EWM Training Courses Curriculum

  • EWM Course Content
    1. Extended Warehouse Management System
    • Introduction to Extended Warehouse Management
    • Basic ERP and EWM Integration


    1. Master data
    • Creation of master data and CIF into EWM
    • Define WH
    • Storage types
    • Storage sections
    • Storage bins
    • Work centers
    • Activity area


    1. Inbound process
    • Creation of inbound delivery in ECC
    • Inbound delivery notification in EWM
    • Inbound delivery in EWM
    • Goods receipt
    • Reject inbound delivery in EWM


    1. Warehouse process type.
    • Define WH process type
    • Define control indicator and assigned to Product master
    • Determine the WH process type


    1. Search sequence for put-away
    • Define search sequence
    • Define put-away control indicator assign with product master
    • Determine the search sequence
    • Optimize the search sequence


    1. Handling unit
    • Master data set up
    • Define the no range
    • Define and assign pack material type with group.
    • Creation of Handling unit in ECC and processing in EWM.
    • Creation of handling unit in EWM and processing it in EWM.
    • Adhoc movement type for handling unit.



    1. POSC (Process oriented storage control)


    • Door configuration
    • Creation of work center
    • Deconsolidation
    • Defining Warehouse process type
    • Search seq for destination storage type
    • Master data setup


    1. Value add service VAS
    • Define Number Range and reliance for VAS order
    • Warehouse Number-Dependent VAS settings
    • Define work center, storage type and storage bin
    • Define Master Data Attributes
    • Maintain Packaging Specification


    1. Package specification
    • Define Number Range and General Packaging Specification
    • Define Packaging Specification Group
    • Maintain Master Data for Packaging Specifications
    • Define Level Type, Element Type and Level Set
    • Maintain Packaging Specification
    • Define condition technique


    1. Warehouse Monitor and RF Framework
    • Introduction to RF UI
    • Configuration settings for RF
    • RF usage in Inbound and Outbound Processes
    • RF Framework


    1. RF Technical
    • Maintain Users
    • Maintain Presentation Devices
    • Define steps in Logical Transactions
    • RF Menu Manager
    • Assign Presentation Profile to Warehouse


    1. Physical inventory
    • Define physical inventory area and assign Physical inventory procedure to PI Area
    • Define activity area and assign with bin
    • Define sorting parameters and bin sorting
    • Assign Physical Inventory Area to Activity Area
    • Define tolerance group and assign with user.
    • Specify Physical-Inventory-Specific Settings in the Warehouse



    1. Outbound process
    • Creation of outbound delivery in ECC
    • Creation of Outbound delivery request
    • Outbound delivery Order
    • Outbound delivery
    • Goods issue reversal


    1. Search sequence for Picking
    • Define search sequence
    • Define picking control indicator assign with product master
    • Determine the search sequence
    • Optimize the search sequence


    1. Warehouse order creation rule
    • Define WH order creation rule
    • Define filter for WOCR.
    • Assign WOCR with Activity area
    • Trigger the POSC using WOCR during the goods issue process


    1. Transportation unit management
    • Maintain Transportation Mode
    • Define Means of Transport – Master Data setting In EWM
    • General settings for Shipping and Receiving for Warehouse –In EWM
    • Define Control Parameters for Forming Vehicles/Transportation Units – In EWM
    • Set up control of Goods Movements
    • Define Compatibility of Means of Transport and Transportation Group
    • Link between Packaging Material (TU) and Means of Transport


    1. Yard management.
    • Activate Yard management
    • Define yard management using storage type
    • Define storage type
    • Define check in points
    • Create Check in, Park and Door bins. Create process type for Yard


    1. Overview of
    • Wave management
    • Slotting and rearrangement
    • PPF function
    • Exception control and process code



    Embracing SAP EWM training presents a lucrative opportunity for professionals aspiring to excel in supply chain management and logistics. With its comprehensive curriculum, industry-recognized certification, and promising career prospects, SAP EWM equips learners with the skills and knowledge to thrive in today’s competitive job market.



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