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Updated July 20, 2023

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Are you interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity? Do you want to enhance your knowledge and skills in penetration testing? Look no further than CompTIA-PenTest! In this article, we will explore the world of CompTIA-PenTest, its significance in the cybersecurity industry, and how it can help you establish a successful career as a penetration tester. So, let’s dive in!


CompTIA-PenTest is a certification offered by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). It focuses on validating the skills and knowledge required to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and conduct penetration tests to ensure the security of computer systems and networks. This certification is highly regarded in the cybersecurity community and is a testament to an individual’s expertise in penetration testing.

comptia pentest+ syllabus

Module 1: Planning and Scoping
> Compare and contrast governance, risk, and compliance concepts
> Explain the importance of scoping and organizational/customer requirements.
> Given a scenario, demonstrate an ethical hacking mindset by maintaining professionalism and integrity.

Module 2: Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning
> Given a scenario, perform passive reconnaissance.
> Given a scenario, perform active reconnaissance
> Given a scenario, analyze the results of a reconnaissance exercise
>Given a scenario, perform vulnerability scanning
Module 3: Attacks and Exploits
> Given a scenario, research attack vectors and perform network attacks
> Given a scenario, research attack vectors and perform wireless attacks
> Given a scenario, research attack vectors and perform application-based attacks.
>Given a scenario, research attack vectors and perform attacks on cloud technologies.

>Explain common attacks and vulnerabilities against specialized systems

>Given a scenario, perform a social engineering or physical attack

>Given a scenario, perform post-exploitation techniques

Module 4: Reporting and Communication
> Compare and contrast important components of written reports
> Given a scenario, analyze the findings and recommend the appropriate remediation within a report.
> Explain the importance of communication during the penetration testing process
> Explain post-report delivery activities
Module 5: Tools and Code Analysis
> Explain the basic concepts of scripting and software development.
> Given a scenario, analyze a script or code sample for use in a penetration test.
> Explain use cases of the following tools during the phases of a penetration test.
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