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Updated August 17, 2023

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Master Data Science  Training with Python course online with Golive Classes. We provide the best Data Science with PythonTraining course online in Hyderabad and other states in India.

Data Science

Data Science

Data Science with Python Online Training Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to the data structures 

a. Lists
b. Tuples
c. Dictionary
d. Sets

 Module 2: Conditional statements

a. If statement
b. If…else statement
c. If..elif…else statements

Module 3: Loops and flow controllers

a. For loop
b. While loop
c. Break, continue and the pass statements

Module 4: Writing functions in Python

a. Passing and receiving values from the functions
b. Lambda function

Module 5 : Object oriented programming systems (OOPS)

a. Creating classes
b. Inheritance
c. Multiple inheritance

Module 6 : Introduction to Numpy

a.Creating arrays
b. Mathematical applications using Numpy

Module 7 : Introduction to Pandas

a. Creating Data frames and Series
b. Database management activities using the data frames

Module 8 : Descriptive statistics with Python

a. Data summarization
b. Data visualization

Module 9 : Inferential statistics with Python

a. One sample t test
b. Two sample t test
d. Proportion tests
e. Chi square tests

Module 10 : Regression analysis

a. Simple linear regression
b. Multiple linear regression

Module 11 : Logistic regression models

Module 12 : Supervised learning

a. Support vector machines
b. Decision tree analysis
c. Random forest

Module 13 : Unsupervised learning

a. K means clustering
b. Hierarchical clustering


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Data Science Training With Python
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