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The ReactJS online course is designed to ensure that you learn & master the concepts of ReactJS field and pass the certification exam on your first try. Our training will help you learn how to administer and master the concepts of NodeJS field. The practical hands-on learning approach followed in the course will ensure you get job-ready by the end of it.

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Updated June 13, 2023

About Course

We at Golive classes provide world-class ReactJS Online Training.

ReactJS experts will provide you the valuable career support. Join in ReactJS Online Training and became a ReactJS certified expert. We give 100% assurance on your ReactJS Course with Success. Our ReactJS online Course focuses on practical oriented training. You can now learn React JS online training from the real-time developers of the IT industry. Join us today to experience the best of best Online React JS Training! With React JS, you can create dynamic web applications that deliver amazing user-interface to the users. That is the reason why today most companies prefer to use ReactJS

  • Become a ReactJS Developer.
  • You will be able to add ReactJSconcepts to your CV
  • Become a ReactJSEngineer.
  • Support & provide a solution for clients.
  • Learn to implement.
  • You’ll learn how to do development.
  • Prototype your ideas with interactions.
  • All the techniques used by ReactJS Developer

What is the course is all about?

Our ReactJS Online Training follows the training model: web-based application training anytime anywhere. ReactJS online training is designed by the best market professionals in India to get you trained in it. The Online Training is all about getting you trained on Fundamental Concepts, Architecture, components of React JS.

Our ReactJs online training is detailed and designed with a live example of projects. You will learn with hands-on knowledge to build ReactJs applications

What are the Objectives of ReactJS?

  • After the successful completion of ReactJS training at Tekslate, the participant will be able to
  • Get an overview of ReactJS architecture and its key features.
  • Use state and props to React to manage data.
  • Gain knowledge on how to handle events, async actions, and data flow.
  • Understand the usage of React middleware and React router.
  • Learn the advanced features of Redux and unit testing in React.
  • Code the React with online integrated development environment(IDE) like an expert.

Why should you learn ReactJS?

  • Currently, there are numerous job opportunities available for ReactJS developers all over the world.
  • ReactJS professionals are earning quite more salaries compared to professionals working on other technologies.
  • On average, the certified ReactJS professionals are earning $120,000 USD per annum.
  • Many top multinational companies are hiring certified ReactJS professionals around the globe.

Who should learn in this ReactJS?

  • IT Professionals
  • Front-end programmers
  • UI Developers and Technical Leads
  • Full Stack Developers
  • QAs, Architects, and Technical Project Managers
  • Developers upgrading from AngularJS, EmberJS, or other similar UI Javascript frameworks.

What are the prerequisites to learn the ReactJS course?

  • should have knowledge of the basics of HTML and CSS.
  • Should have knowledge of the basic concepts of JavaScript.

Advantages of ReactJS?

  • It facilitates the overall process of writing components.
  • It boosts productivity and facilitates further maintenance.
  • It ensures faster rendering.
  • It guarantees a stable code.
  • It is SEO friendly.
  • It comes with a helpful developer toolset.
  • There is React Native for mobile app development.

Why GoliveClasess?

1.We provide trot Netting along with Real-time concepts with case studies
2.Project Explanation
3.Interview Questions
4.Resume preparation
5.Technical Assistance even after Course Completion
6.Career Guidance
7.life time video recordings Acess
8.The assistance provides in consulting and placement
9.Other courses will be provided free of cost

Course Curriculum:


  • Origins of React
  • React.js Syntax
  • Overview of JSX and why you should use it
  • Getting hold of everything you need to start coding

React Components

  • React component Properties
  • Setting Properties
  • Component Lifecycle
  • Updating Components
  • Writing your first React.js component
  • Mounting Components


  • Expressions & Attributes
  • JSX Basics
  • Namespaced Components
  • Rendering HTML
  • Rendering React Components


  • Views & Controller-Views
  • Flux is not MVC!
  • Data Flow
  • Action, Dispatcher, Store & View
  • Flux Application Architecture
  • Structure

Event Handling In React

  • Key Events
  • Event Pooling
  • React.js Event Handlers
  • Synthetic Event

Creating A Dynamic UI In React

  • Keeping components stateless
  • Event Delegation
  • React Stateful Components
  • Auto binding

Integration With Other Libraries

  • Gulp & Browserify
  • React with jQuery
  • React & AJAX

React Server Integration & Deployment

  • httpster
  • npm

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