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Updated November 20, 2023

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Master Service now Training course online with Golive Classes. We provide the best Service now Training course online in Hyderabad and other states in India.

Service now Training

Service now Training

Service now Training Online Training Course Content

Module 1: Scripting

  • Business Rules
  • Client Scripts
  • UI Actions
  • Script Includes
  • Jelly Scripting

Module 2: Integrations

Web Services: 

  • Direct Web Services
  • Transform Map Web Services
  • Scripted Web Services

Email Integration: 

  • Inbound Actions
  • Event Registry
  • Creating and Triggering Events

Learning outcome:

  • Performing inbound web services to access and modify ServiceNow data using a client application.
  • Performing outbound web services to send SOAP and REST messages to external web service providers.

Module 3: Content management

Introduction to CMS

  • Creating Sites
  • Creating Pages
  • Creating Blocks using Scripting
  • Login Rules

Module 4: Configuration management

  • Classes in CMDB
  • Mapping Configuration Item to Asset Records
  • Loading the CI’s into Service-Now
  • Relating Configuration items

Module 5 : Import Sets

  • Loading Data of different Formats
  • Using Data Sources
  • Using Transform Maps
  • Transform scripts

Module 6 : Service catalogue

  • Creating Catalog Items using Variables and Variable sets
  • Creating Record Producers
  • Design the flow using Workflow
  • Creating Execution Plans
  • Writing Catalog Client Scripts
  • Catalog UI Policies

Module 7 : Workflows

  • Creating Workflows on different tables
  • Approvals using workflows
  • Using Different Activities in workflow

Module 8 : MID Server installation

  • Installing MID server on an instance
  • Testing the Mid Server using another login
  • Importing Files by Using MID Server.



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Service now Training
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